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Through our excellent project, management process and OEM / ODM services, Triple-A Group can accelerate the product development cycle time to provide high-quality, high-capability and cost-effective project for our customers. Our R & D department and engineering team will work closely to ensure the completion of the product. We also have professional quality control personnel staffs to assure that the products meet the requirements and standards of our customers. Our mission, “to meet the technical requirements of customers with the fastest speed,” is simple.
Triple-A Group’s OEM / ODM services have the most advanced IPC customized technology. Our manufacturing factories use the latest computer-aided design, rapid prototyping, precision punch and cutting machine to produce the most qualified and fashionable products. Besides, the qualities of our products meet the automotive, industrial, medical and military requirements, through the FCC, CE, High temperature resistant and anti-vibration standard test. We provide comprehensive service solutions, in order to meet all the customers’IPC customized design concept.
Triple-A is a factory that has the capacity of massive production. As the ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, we are committed to high quality manufacturing standards. Our goal is to provide reliable and durable products to fulfill the global IPC’s standard needs. Therefore, we choose the high quality parts for our material with a great insistence and to deliver on time.
1. Project Initiation
• Product Activation
• General Discussion
• Definition of product specifications and requirements
• The quoted price for initial prototype and delivery schedule
2. Research & Development
• Design and development of prototype in the R & D centers in the TAIWAN and USA
• Basis and functional testing
• Review and comments from the customers
• Order list
3. Manufacturing and Quality Control
• Our factory earned ISO 9001 certificate
• Our product passed Loading, Shockproof and functional testing
4. Service and Support
• Logistics Services
• After-sale services
• Lifetime warranty