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Triple-A Care Services
“Always Go the Extra Mile!"
Triple-A is a quality-oriented industrial computer company, innovating five series of customized power supplies, industrial power supplies, industrial enclosures, server rack and data storage. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop solution for computing needs of all the enterprises. In addition, we specifically make OEM / ODM products for our branded customers needs. It is the pride of our team to have excellent talents and works. Our goal is to serve the customers in the global market.
Triple-A Group will provide the global customers one-stop manufacturing solutions from design to brand services in the national and international IPC markets, with our excellent services and product engineering. As your dream factory, we have rich experiences and the ability to turn your ideas into reality.
We work with the top system of integrators in the industry, to provide a full range of client resources, technical knowledge, consistency and flexible component selection, competitive pricing, reliable delivery and outstanding service and support. We can provide customers one-stop solutions for any project requirements.
Service and Support
In the process of OEM / ODM, Triple-A can find complete service manufactures with the highest standards of logistics and technical services as one. Not only do we produce qualified products, but also provide adequate support and respond rapidly to meet customers’ needs. Our friendly and professional service personnel help our clients to provide successful products.
Triple-A provides advanced pre-sales support in the industry, including value-added resellers, distributors and systems integrators / builders. If you distribute or sell the products of Triple-A Group, we hope to provide you all the information you need to help you grow your business.