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PE4H v 3.2
  • Introduction:
  • The PE4H V3.2 is designed for Notebook PCs that converts PCI Express 16X add-on Card to ExpressCard or mPCIe connecter or PCI Express slot.
  • Enclosure can support 12 inch(30cm) full length size and 2 PCIe slot depth, so large graphic card can be installed.
  • Heat dissipation is deeply considered. Material of enclosure is whole aluminum and has two large fans for top and bottom and also three fans for rear panel. Also, spin speed of fans can be adjusted on-board rheostat.
  • Can option 120W AC adapter. Besides, as ATX power supply can be directly connected from ATX 24pin connector, powerful graphic card can be supported.
  • This adapter allows you to use your existing PCI-E 16X Card in the notebook PC or Desktop PC for test.
  • VGA card connection to computer or notebook PC
  • Support two delay switch to avoid registration problems when boot.
  • Support ATX power boot together function.
  • Support Suspend Clock


 PE4H-EC060A V3.2 allows user to test PCI Express x16 Add-in-Card on the ExpressCard slot 
 PE4H-PMxxxA V3.2 allows user to test PCI Express x16 Add-in-Card on the PCI Express mini card (mPCIe) slot. 
 PE4L-HPxxxA V3.2 allows user to test PCI Express x16 Add-in-Card to be extend from PCIex1 (or x4, x8, x16) slot. 
 Compliant with PCI Express 2.0 Specification: Maximum 5Gbps 
 Compliant with USB2.0 Specification: Maximum 480Mbps 
 Power Supply: AC Adapter 120W @ 19.5V. Optional: ATX PSU, directly connect to 24pin connector. 
 Enclosure: Whole Aluminum Body, 2 large fans on top and bottom panel, 3 fans for rear panel. 
 Supported PCIe Card Size: 12inch / 30cm , 2 PCIe slot depth
System Requirements: 
 Notebook PC or Desktop PC with an available ExpressCard slot or PCI Express mini card slot or PCI Express slot. 
 Windows 8 (32-/64-bit) / 7 (32-/64-bit) / Vista (32-/64-bit) SP2 or later/ XP (32-/64-bit) SP3 or late


1. PE4H V3.2 is PCIe 1-Lane 5.0Gbps bandwidth limit passive adapter in compliance with Expresscard 2.0 
2. PE4H V3.2 design for engineering test. NOT for home or office use. 
3. Basically, PCIe add-on card designed for desktop. We can’t guarantee it compatibility with your laptop. Depends 
on OS version, notebook’s BIOS, device driver, 
4. Almost PCIe 16x video card can’t get enough memory resource are allocated. Can’t work in your laptop. 
5. External Power (ATX Power or AC-DC12V adapter) required. 
6. All of interoperability is not guaranteed.
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